Frobas offers services for 
application and web development

Application concept 
and development

Tools for sensor

Web development

Frobas Experts

Frobas engineers are experts in Web and Desktop Application development with
passion and perfectionism and high standards.

We have years of experience with Big Players as well as end users in developing countries.    

Frobas Vision

Technology should serve people not vice versa

Focusing on essentials

Using our experience

Working with technology which offers large general benefits in fields of
environment and energy

Frobas Solutions

Software architecture

Continuous product improvement

Functional verification

Quality assurance loops

Technology by people for people

We only do things we do best such as software development and project management. What inspires us are humans and technology and their interaction.

Mastering big technical challenges and putting great ideas into practice fascinates us. The more complex the better.                                                             

We are here to do what we do best